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Some shit off my chest

I know it has been a while since I done this, I’m a little rusty but here goes nothing. Already in the span of weeks (I can’t really determine how many weeks just to note its a lot) the universe witnessed back to back lynchings at the hands of the pigs: Eric Garner (NY), John Crawford (OH), and Michael Brown (MO). One was choked out, second was shot when he walked out of a Wal-Mart with a air pistol, and third was killed by his grandmother place coming from the gas station. I know there were some distractions like the boycott of Black Jesus. Not to side what I am but all of this is relevant. Black churches across the nation wrote petitions, protested, rallied, and messaged the network that the show is viewed on. Which is AdultSwim every Thursday at 11 pm. These churches have the nerve to boycott a show like when they got coonery shows that degrade dehumanize deface feminize our people as a whole. You all know what shows I’m talking about Real Housewives of Atlanta ( a show where none of the women work at home and whom are not loyal), Love and Hip Hop (where grown are boys and grown are teenage girls), and lastly the favorite SCANDAL. As much females hate being the side chick and hate them, they sure do love watching Scandal. Can’t forget Bad Girls Club, Wendy Williams, the Have and the Have nots, Preachers of LA, and any other crap Viacom want to flush down the toilet next week. But not once I heard an up roar against any of those shows I listed. There was one instance they stopped Shawty Lo from having a show. One single petition stopped a show about Sororities and Fraternities. One thing I know about our you can’t mess with their religion and fraternity/sorority. You are on the grounds to be killed if that happens literally and figuratively. You can watch shows about cutthroat friends, news gossip, adulterous people, immature rich couples, and pimping preachers. But anything about “my lord and savior” being BLACK all hell break loose. There was movies like Son of God, Noah, and the upcoming film Exodus not one of them had a black cast and if they did they were the lesser roles. But once for a change we have a Jesus act the way we act and doing change in the hood he in which is Compton (none of them bs shows did anything like that). And did I mention he was black. I understand he was doing these that were you call unholy. But you got to give the candy with the medicine. Meeting the people where they are at but y’all would not know anything bout that would you? Still in the mist of all this black lives are being taken away too soon. Whether its by the pigs, a neighborhood vigilante, or even by another black person. You ask them what is it we can do to stop the growing of strange fruit (look up the song) they tell you “pray, let go, and let god handle it.” Weak ass line. They sure did not let god handle adultswim, turner entertainment, and Arron McGruder. How many people know that the killer of Reneshia McBride has been founded guilty? I will wait. Not many. Still lives are being lynched. But we are too busy worrying about our fake ass relationships, lighting ourselves on fire in the tub, jay z and Beyonce marriage, watching hood fights, trying to get in a hood fight, who we going to fuck or going to fuck over, and how much money I can get for making a YouTube hit. I’m not going to need a frog sock puppet to validate my point either. Anyone tell me please tell me this. How is it that all the injustice that has been going in the black community especially the death of Michael Brown, that happened three days ago, I saw a bit of pictures of the young man on my timeline. But when news came out about Robin Williams suicide everyone out of the woodwork mama and em had a piece to say about the dead actor/comedian. “Oh no not genie”, ” oh my god flubber “, and ” nano nano”. I know I sound insensitive but you all were too with Mike Brown. I understand that y’all did not hear about this till now but for those who did you know better. What is the point that I am trying to make here? For those who read my status (go on my page) that is the point that I made here in this long winded rant. A black life ain’t worth shit in amerikkka and even to blacks. We allow distractions guide us. We become Che Guevara with a swift of a key stroke, #iamtrayvonmartinifimgunneddownbringourgirlsbackkony2012. I’m not poking fun I’m showing you all the shit we do as a counter attack against this beast. Right now its a one side battle. We are playing checkers with Chinese checker pieces on a badminton board. When they got chess pieces. What are you gonna do? I’m doing my part as a mouth piece. I figured if Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley, Tom Joyner, Yolanda Adams, Michael Baisden, or any voice for “blacks in the morning” who would not say anything then I will and I don’t care how many friends I lose. Besides I ain’t got any friends. But supporters. So what role will you play?

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